Peak Life Photography: Blog en-us (C) Copyright 2021 Peak Life Photography (Peak Life Photography) Mon, 01 Mar 2021 19:52:00 GMT Mon, 01 Mar 2021 19:52:00 GMT Peak Life Photography: Blog 120 120 Mesa Arch in the Winter Camping and Exploring the Utah desert in winter has a few advantages.  The main pone is that there are very few people.  After a night of car camping with temps in the teens, I made my way to the very familiar Mesa Arch.  When it's warm, expect to be standing elbow to elbow with 50 of your closest photographer friends.  This is a different story in the winter.  With only one other photographer, I saw the sun come up through this amazing piece of rock and light the freezing landscape with beautiful, bold, warm light.  No doubt worth the cold night of car camping.  A morning to remember.

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Arches National Park after snowstorm Living in Western Colorado has it's advantages.  One of those being so close to the amazing Utah Desert.   Montrose, CO sits less than three hours from Moab.  So when the snow flies and changes the desert into a beautiful white canvass.  These are from a trip with our good friend Joe.  

I'm often way too laid back on winter.  It's so easy stay in your comfort zone (where it's warm)...  I'm so thankful to have friends that light the fire and get out doing fun things.  Here's to winter.


Juniper, Canyonlands National Park, UT

Delicate arch in winter, Arches National Park, UT

Arches National Park Turret Arch in WinterTurret Arch in Winter

Turret Arch, Arches National Park, Ut

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Kait and Syrus ~ Telluride, CO As photographers and business people, the advice from many is often to describe our ideal client in order too find them. Adventurous. Spontaneous. Fun Loving. Geniune. Humble. Kind. Many of the same qualities we look for in our friends.  We were lucky enough to spend a winter day with two such people, Syrus and Kait during their beautiful Telluride elopement.  

Serenely nestled under under 14,000 ft Wilson Peak's north face, a new adventure begins.   Few places inspire awe and the imagination like Telluride, Colorado. An intense bluebird day, rays of sun radiating down.  As they got ready, the wind gusted up to 50 mph.  Amazingly, suddenly the winds all but stopped to a steady breeze. The outdoor ceremony was stunning as they stood on the hard packed snow and said their vows. Beautiful, honest, sincere.  Time to celebrate, then on to Telluride for fun and photos!

Congratulations Syrus and Kate!


Readying in the reflection of Wilson Peak.
Sy.  (c)PeakLifePhotography.com9709644140 The Ceremony. The happy couple, snow and aspen shadows. Loved this one in black and white. (c)PeakLifePhotography.com9709644140 San Sophia Overlook.


Under Wilson Peak with blowing snow.


(c)PeakLifePhotography.com9709644140 Sunny, snowy, Telluride, Kait and Sy goodness! (c)PeakLifePhotography.com9709644140 Telluride Gondola over the Town.


Loved the contrast of the red Gondola over Town!

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Telluride's Via Ferrata We finally made the Via Ferrata happen!  We had some good friends visiting from out of town that wanted to go, and asked our good friends Hollis and Susie, who've done this route several times to take us.  One thing you should know about Joey is that she doesn't handle heights and exposure well, at all!  It's pretty common for Joey to freeze up while crossing a stream while on a log a few feet in the air.  How she finished the Via Ferrata, I may not ever fully understand.  Hollis guided her every step of the way.  The "main event" as it's called, is the most exposed part of the short trek.  I've dealt with some decent exposure over the years, but this was by far the most exposed place I'd ever been.  This was a great experience for us, so much more that we bargained for.  As we looked at these photos in the following days, our palms would sweat and our hearts would race.  We're still not sure if we'd do it again.  If you're given the chance and can go with a great guide or are completely comfortable with technical climbing on exposed routes, this is a must do.  You'll never feel so alive.


On the hike up Black Bear Pass.

Mostly frozen Bridal Veil Fall, near Telluride, CO What. A . Place. Look down! Four of us on the main event! Portion of the trail with Telluride below Our whole group! Shaky legs and arms! Deep breath!

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Daniel and Cheyenne, Ridgway Colorado Ranch Wedding Pouring rain, thunder, lightning, all grew calm and faded.  Colorado always makes it exciting.  Stationed afar, Daniel and Cheyenne convened at the family ranch near Cimarron, Colorado.  Their new adventure to begin, with the closest of family and friends.  The spirit of these two inspired us.  What a great day in the mountains, one to remember, here's to Daniel and Cheyenne.

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Surprise Telluride Proposal He fought the butterflies, hid the ring, made a plan, and waited until the perfect moment in the perfect place.  Philip took Elizabeth's breath away with one simple question under Palmyra Peak, Telluride CO.  You can't make this stuff up!  What an honor to be a part of! 

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CA Road Trip We loaded everything we could into our trusty old Honda Civic and took off to CA to see family for just over a week.  We took our mountain bikes, so stopped near Gooseberry Mesa in Southeastern Utah.  Had a great, but short rider there,a nd headed onward to CA the next day.  We drove through Death Valley National Park, this being our first time through there.  What a huge, an beautiful place!  Sand dunes, rolling hills, enormous valleys, and wind, definitely wind.  Next time we hope to make the trek to the Playa Racetrack, a good excuse to bring the jeep back.  

We arrived in Lone Pine, CA, just before dark. Having set up camp in the cold and dark numerous times, I knew Joey would be much happier if we just splurged and got a room.  We then found the best Taco Truck in the world, not exaggerating.  I got up before sunrise, and knew little about the Alabama Hills just to the west of town.  I took my bike and pack for my camera in case the road was too rough for the car, but the road was great.  With clear skies, I found a nice spot in these beautiful hills, and waited for some nice, warm alpenglow.  It started with just a sliver, but soon the whole Sierra Nevada range radiated an intense orange, Mt. Whitney came to life in a blaze.  Sometimes it pays to get out of bed.  What a great morning. This would be the landscape photography highlight of the trip. 

We had a great time visiting family, going to the beach in Fort Bragg, and eventually driving nonstop back to Colorado.  Yes, life is good.

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Fun Wtih Fire We love working with local Colorado businesses. We learned about welding and fabrication when we shot Will's photos.  While the arc from he welding gun is too bright to look at with your naked eye, no camera sensors were hurt making these images.  Here's to Will's big business adventure!



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Ali and Tyson, Ignacio, CO Ranch Wedding  

Ali and Tyson

Home.  What a beautiful word.  No place like it.  Family, feelings, memories, home.  We had the honor of capturing Ali and Tyson's Western Colorado Ranch Wedding, where Ali grew up, on an ideal Fall Day.  Here's to these two on their new adventure together!  Nothing but the best.

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Lisa and Glenn - Telluride Colorado Wedding Cool crisp mountain air.  Surrounded by the closest of friends and family.  We're pretty sure these two had the right idea.  The San Sophia Overlook above Telluride, Colorado held the perfect setting for these two adventurous souls.  Rolling clouds and blue skies, changing seasons, Colorado in the Fall, a new adventure begins.  A day in Telluride, a Colorado adventure, here's to Glenn and Lisa.  


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Mathew and Sharyn - Yankee Boy Basin Elopement Rain.  Cool, wet, steady, falling rain.  They say it's good luck on your wedding day.  I'm sure I joked with Mathew and Sharon as we waited for the rain to stop. We had just driven up to Yankee Boy Basin, high in the San Juan Mountains, above Ouray, Colorado.  After several months of planning and anxiously waiting, the big day was here.  These two would be married in one of the most spectacular settings in Colorado following a winding 900 mile motorcycle ride from Oklahoma.  Once the low clouds and rain let up slightly, we to the short walk to the spot where the ceremony would take place.  More drops.  Back to the Jeeps to wait.  This had to be hard on these two, with nerves running high and wanting everything to go as smoothly as possible.  I too, was anxious.  These two trusted me to pick the spot, and time, for this adventure.

Yankee Boy Basin Ceremony


More rain.  Finally, as hoped, the clouds began to clear, revealing the San Juan's around us.  Go Time. As before, Mathew carried Sharyn part of the way to the spot, high heals and muddy mountain terrain don't always go well together.  Good man, this Mathew.  

With a small bit of warmth from this newfound sun, and this astounding place all to themselves, they started a new adventure together.  They made promises of love and faith, a new start both dramatic and serene.  Here's to your adventure, here's to Mathew and Sharyn.



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Tick, It's been tugging on me to start writing more (or...ANY), and sharing our adventures, photos, thoughts, ideas, and dreams.  Suppose I've put it off long enough. Funny, I'm actually really excited to blog.  Turning forty has been hanging over my head, maybe not in a bad way, but in a kind of "get your ass in gear" way.  I know this willl help me re-live and remember my experiences, grow my business, and add some joy to your life. I've been reflecting a lot in the past couple of years.  Thinking of good times and bad, not really thinking of what I'd change, but trying to learn, understand, and grow.  I find myself right now so thankful for all I have. A beautiful, caring, loving wife and best friend.  A great family, and some pretty amazing friends.  So thankful for the many adventures we get to go on, it seems more and more that the spectacular has become routine.  Thankful also that we get to do what we love for a living.  

Enjoying this writing thing already.  Hoping I'll get better every time.  Going to keep you up to date as well as touching on past adventures and experiences.  I'm sure Joey will be writing here as well, she's awesome like  that.  Thank you for being a part of our adventure.  Many random thoughts and adventures to come.

Uncompahgre Peak AlpenglowUncompahgre Peak AlpenglowFourteener Uncompahgre Peak at sunrise framed by delicate alpine tundra. First light on Uncompahgre Peak, San Juan Mountains, CO.  Scouted this spot the night before.  Loved the tundra  and the lichen covered rocks. When the sun started rising, fought my way out of the tent, crossed a small creek. and watched the light creep up on one of our favorite 14,000 ft peaks.

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July 2014 Where to begin!  This is our first blog!  Bear with me as I'm (Mike) quite out of practice when it comes to writing.  So on July 15, I (Mike) started my new job full time.  I'm a PHOTOGRAPHER full time!  Who's the best wife in the world?  Joey.  I could go on and on.  This is a big change from the certainty and consistency of the work world that I, and most of us are used to.  Here's to taking chances!   Pulpit Rock SunriseDay 1, Pulpit Rock, Black Canyon National Park

First Day of FREEDOM.  I got up really early, partially because I had jalepenos for dinner the night before, but anyways, I was up early.  Got there just barely early enough to set up to take some panoramas, I was happy with the color in the clouds.  I had the the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park to myself!  


A few days later, I decided to go to Upper Ice Lakes Basin to see how the wildflowers were, and to spend the night.  Was great that I could go during the week as the traffic on the trail was not too out of control.  I took several panoramas and other shots until the sun went down - then set up camp in this high alpine paradise.   Island Lake PanoramaIsland Lake PanoramaHigh Alpine tundra and Indian Paintbrush frame picturesque Island Lake high in the San Juan Mountains. First view of Island Lake.  The paintbrush filled the basin as far as the eye can see.  Was also lucky enough to catch some interesting clouds in the sky.  

I wandered back to Island Lake the next morning after capturing the sunrise at Ice Lake.  Waited until all the shadows were gone, and I was lucky enough to have calm water to capture this panorama of 14 vertical shots at 16mm.  I love Colorado.  Please see our Landscape Gallery for more images from this trip.

Next, I headed to the Front Range in hopes of hiking Longs Peak and Pikes Peak.  Pikes Peak was a great day and an "easy" hike, but the hike was tough enough, or I'm getting old, that I did not do Long's the next day.  A great time to reflect on growing up in Colorado Springs, where I'm at, and to think about where I am going.  


Our next adventure was to ride the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad train, which dropped us off in Needleton.  From there, we  hiked 6 miles and 3000 vertical feet to Chicago Basin.  Joey took the week off to make sure that I survived and used good judgement.  We put our trip off a day because the forecast looked terrible.  

This trip is on a lot of people's bucket lists, and for good reason.  Chicago basin is hard to describe, will just show you some photos.

Windom Peak (14,082') is the second peak from the left.

A look down Chicago Basin and Needle Creek at Sunset.

Cloudy, dramatic morning on Peak 18.


Morning Clouds.
This trip was more than we could have asked for.  The beauty of the area was stunning.  We met may nice people from all over that made our stay better, and Mike's hikes a little safer.  We had close conversations with mountain goats, close calls with lightning, hiking pole stealing marmots (Mike only has one now).  Mike hiked Sunlight Peak (14,059'), Mt. Eolus (14,083'), North Eolus (14,039), and Windom Peaks.  Fifty 14ers down, only 8 to go!  Hard to believe.  More than anything, it was great to spend time with my wife in nature;  this is a trip that will not be forgotten.
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