It was love at first site (for Mike). a few years later, Joey warmed up the the idea of spending time with him.  Not sure if this how you're supposed to write one of these awkward first person, third person type intros. Anyways...


In the following years we moved to Western Colorado (we're both Colorado Natives, seriously!), married, worked hard, and played hard.  The days are long but the years are short. Some words that describe us and our life?: Adventure, Brave, Singletrack, Jeep, Hike, Faith, Bike, Backpack, Learn, Love, Grow, Freedom, Explore, Mountains, Desert, Shoot, Friends, Balance.  We usually have a camera in hand when it makes sense. We like to think we are just as in our element exploring the backcountry as we are shooting your wedding reception.  There is beauty everywhere. We love to capture the beauty of this land and it's people in stunning detail.


We are beyond blessed to be able to do what we love.  Let's adventure!

Mike and Joey Boese